Music: Although Mark’s music career is behind him, it was a big part of his life. Contrary to popular belief, his music career started in the summer of 1984, not 1991. With the help of Mary Alford and Maurice Starr, Donnie, Mark's big brother, and Mark founded The New Kids on the Block. Although Mark, then 13, only stayed with the group for about six months this was where it all started for him. The reason he left was because a) he couldn’t see him self singing “I’ll be loving you forever” instead of rap and b) he got kicked out because he couldn’t sing, (ironically the New Kids lip synched). The New Kids later exploded into stardom with four new members, Danny Wood, Jordan and Jonathan Knight, and Joey McIntyre. The fame was great for Donnie, but with out him Mark felt lost. Mark and Donnie had been very close before and with Donnie on tour all the time Mark had no one to hang with really and that contributed to his delinquency. Eventually though Mark started his music career with a little from his teeny-bopper brother Donnie as his producer and co-writer. Together they wrote Mark’s 1st CD “Music for the People” (1991) and assembled his so called “funky bunch” consisting of four dancers and a deejay. Together they released four singles “Good Vibrations”, “Wildside”, “I Need Money”, and “Peace” and went almost triple platinum selling 1.4 million albums. “Good Vibrations” also became the most requested song of the summer on MTV. Mark’s trademark was to drop his pants and pretty much strip on stage during concerts and that attracted most of his audience consisting mostly of young girls and gay men. Mark then released “You Gotta Believe” (1992) which didn’t too good selling only 218,000 CD’s and releasing only one single, “You Gotta Believe”. Now that Mark is in acting he refuses to be called “Marky Mark” and does not dance or sing on screen, with the exception of Boogie Nights.