Full Name: Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg.
Nick Names: Marky Mark, Monk D, and Kid Millions.
Occupation: Currently an actor. Previously a rapper and model.
Date of Birth: June 5th 1971.
Hobbies: Playing Basketball, Golf, and Working out.
Stats: He's about 5'10'' and around 165lbs. (although his weight fluctuates to fit movie roles). He has brown hair and hazel eyes. He says his feet are his best feature and they're super ticklish.
Tattoos: He currently has four tattoos. His first tatto was given to him at the age of twelve on his ankle and depicts Sylvester eating Tweety. He later got a Bob Marley tattoo on one arm, his name, DOB and initials on the other arm, and a rosary around his neck (the newest to his collection).
His Past: He grew up in South Boston on the streets of Dorchester with eight brothers and sisters; Debbie, Arthur, Michelle, Paul, Jim, Tracey, Robert, Donnie jr. His mother, Alma, and father, Donnie Sr. divorced when he was 11 and that triggered his downward spiral. Eventually he ended up in jail at the age of 16, under the charges of assault and battery under the influence of PCP and was tried as an adult. This event would later come back to haunt him. While in jail he spent most of his time working out because he said that it was even easier to get in more trouble in jail that outside. He also felt that he had to turn his life around before he ended up like his many friends who were already in jail. He then served 45 days of a two year sentence, getting out on good behavior. Meanwhile his brother had sky rocketed to stardom as teeny-bopper Donnie Wahlberg of The New Kids on The Block (NKOTB). Then with the help of Donnie he started his rap career. As Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch (four dancers and a deejay) Mark released his hit CD, "Music for the People", released during the summer of '91. The CD went almost triple platinum selling 1.3 million, and off that CD came the hit singles, "Good Vibrations", "Wildside", "I Need Money", and finally "Peace". During concerts he would drop his pants and that became his trademark. Eventually this paid off when one of Calvin Klein's friends, David Geffen, discovered his ripped bod and Mark's modeling career began. Calvin Klein underwear shares soared up about 37% due to the Mark's studdly physique. His life was going great, until he went on an England talk show with Shabba Ranks who stated that all gays should be crucified. Then Mark was taken out on stage where he played a song with Ranks. When they finished the audience began to boo them and Mark thought it was because of their song, and was in a bad mood, so he began to scream at them, saying that everyone has their own opinions and all. This lead to people believing he was a homophobe, which is untrue. Also, his jail time from his past was uncovered and he was also accused of racism against Asians also. Calvin Klein sales dropped drastically because gays began boycotting his products. Although the press had painted him every unflattering shade possible he held his head high and made a public apology. The gay community and the Asian community forgave him, but Calvin Klein felt that Mark's juvenille attitude might affect CK sales again and he didn't renew Mark's contract. In 1992 Mark released his second CD titled "You Gotta Believe". The new CD's sales didn't go as well and released only one single titled "You Gotta Believe". With his music career on the downfall he decided to go into acting. His debut movie was a the made for TV movie The Substitute. In this movie he played a minor character named Ryan Westerberg. He was in two more movies before he landed the leading role as David McCall in the thriller Fear. In Fear he starred opposite Reese Witherspoon as a psychotic boyfriend. This landed him an MTV movie nomination for best villain. Unfortunately, he didn't win. He continued his movie career by playing Pat O' Hara in the Traveler, a small independant film, and then Eddie Adams who turns into Dirk Diggler, the porn star in the critically acclaimed Boogie Nights. He starred opposite Burt Reynolds and earned three nominations. One for a Golden Satellite in the category Best actor in a motion picture-drama, another MTV movie award for best dance sequence (shared with the other cast members), and an SAG award for outstanding performance by a cast. Although he didn't win any of the awards he did have more to add to his growing résumé. His next movie was The Big Hit, in which he played a beleaguered hitman (Melvin Smiley), with codependency issues. Following that he played Danny Wallace, a white cop in the Asian gang unit of China town in The Corrupter along side Chow Yun-Fat. His latest movie was Three Kings in which he played Sargent Troy Barlow, a new father trying to come home from the Gulf War a rich man. The movie also stars George Clooney, and Ice Cube.
Present:He is currently working on The Yards, Perfect Storm, and Metal God.
Future: His upcoming movies include Perfect Storm due out the Summer of 2000, where he is again starring with George Clooney; The Yards also due out in 2000, and Metal God, who's due date is still unscheduled.